Samuel Thomas Outdoor Development provides quality services to discriminating clients in the Greater Boston and Metro West areas.

 Landscape & Garden -- Design & Build

We have a passion for horticulture, plants and creativity. Our design team will craft and execute your vision for the project. We begin by completing an assessment of your soil, light conditions, exposure and microclimates. During our collaborative design process, we will help you select stunning plant combinations to carve out the beautiful and functional spaces that you desire. At the end of the design process, you will have a beautifully hand-rendered master plan drawn to scale.

Our crews are knowledgeable, efficient and experienced. We strive to be as unobtrusive as possible, especially during construction at an established, occupied home.

Site Work and Earthmoving
From the very beginning, the forethought and actions taken with drainage, sun exposure and the lay of the land will affect everything later in the process. Our experience and comprehension of the whole construction process, from breaking ground to finished product, allows us to anticipate and eliminate mistakes that may escalate into a number of future problems. If a decision point arises we communicate the situation with accuracy and provide potential solutions.

Plant Installation
We are educated in horticulturally sound planting practices. Proper placement and location, along with correct soil preparation and planting depth, will help ensure health and longevity. We are meticulous and creative with combining and spacing plants for the greatest visual impact.

Hardscaping can last a lifetime if constructed properly. Frost footings are installed for all of our walls. Walkways, stone walls, patios, terraces, veneers, pool decks and coping are all constructed with the same attention to detail used in every other aspect of our work.

Turf Installation
Soil preparation and cultivar selection for the desired location or recreational use is critical in planting turf. Choosing quality soils that promote strong root growth and percolate water, and taking care not to compact soil during the construction process are considerations so often overlooked by others in this industry.


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