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 Irrigation & Lighting

Proper water management is vital for a healthy landscape. No other maintenance practices have more of an impact on plant and turf health than irrigation, yet proper coverage and programming is where most mistakes in the landscape are made. When stressed, due to over (or under) watering, plants develop unhealthy root systems and become more vulnerable to pests and diseases. At the same time, because water is a limited resource, it is critical that we approach watering practices with an eye toward the environment and appropriate conservation efforts. Sadly, more plants die due to wasteful over-watering than under-watering, because system design and programming is improper.

Our residential, commercial and golf irrigation experience dates back to 1987. We establish watering strategies based on the types of plants and soils in your landscape. We test percolation rates and soil profiles to determine the water holding capacity of the root zone material; this provides information for us to correctly program your watering schedule. During the growing season watering requirements change constantly due to Mother Nature. We make adjustments, accounting for fluctuating temperatures and precipitation levels, so that the landscape is always beautiful and no water is wasted.

Our irrigation specialists not only manage and maintain irrigation systems, but also design and install them. For example, we can help you determine if an overhead spray or underground drip system is more appropriate based on the plant species. We will design systems that maximize efficiency and provide matched precipitation rates throughout the entire coverage area. Keen attention to sprinkler spacing and nozzle sizes, along with proper water pressure and pipe size calculations, are just as important as correct programming. This will ensure happy, healthy plants and no areas left high and dry.

Low-voltage lighting in the landscape can be functional and artistic. Pathways, steps and grade changes can be made more secure with the appropriate lighting. Lighting effects can create a mood, highlight a specimen plant, pond or stone feature, and create visual depth in your property at night. We can design a plan that includes uplighting, backlighting, shadowing, silhouetting, path-lighting, cross-lighting and glowing effects, depending on the atmosphere and mood you’d like to achieve. We design our systems to allow for flexibility and expansion as your landscape evolves.


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