Samuel Thomas Outdoor Development provides quality services to discriminating clients in the Greater Boston and Metro West areas.

 Concepts Unique to Samuel Thomas

Changing the Landscape of an Industry is our tag line, which reflects our mission to lead the way against any misconception that landscaping is a nonprofessional service that requires no education.  We will show by example that having healthy plants and trees that can grow to full maturity and prosper for a lifetime, requires installation and maintenance by dedicated horticulturists and turf managers that really know what they’re doing.  One of the growing concerns among professionals in our industry is that newly planted landscape and forest trees will not replace the mature ones taken from our environment. The problem is that many trees fail long before they reach their full lifespan as a result of wire baskets not being removed, buried trunk flares, and other improper planting techniques used by many unqualified landscape companies.  We often see many beautifully designed landscapes turn into a mess, because of improper pruning and maintenance practices.  Add into this mix multiple contractors, creating problems such as the irrigation company not paying attention to the needs of the landscape, and the turf product applicators not being concerned about how they affect the gardens with pesticide overlap, and the result is a landscape that loses its value from not being cared for properly. The unique mixture of soils, plants and conditions at your property are best cared for by an integrated approach such as ours.

The Evolving Landscape is a concept built on the reality that every landscape is a living, dynamic entity that changes as plants grow and mature over time.  Keeping your landscape fresh, and possibly altering the design periodically to suit your desires, requires professional ability.  Samuel Thomas’ knowledge of horticulture allows us to foresee and address problems before they can cause damage or plant loss; hence saving the expense of plant replacement.  The idea is simple, yet lacking with many other companies in our industry.  Regular visits to your property allow us to assess all of your plants’ needs.  Due to overcrowding, existing shrubs and trees may need relocation.  Plants originally installed in sunny areas that have become shady may not prosper.  Oftentimes as a landscape evolves, an established garden will not need as many plants as it once did.  Irrigation requirements also dramatically change as plants grow to full establishment.   If you decide after some time that you just want a whole new look, we can redesign the property for you.  We’ll simplify the process and guide you along the way.  Perhaps the playground set built when the kids were young does not get the use it once did.  We could replace it with a relaxing garden escape.  Do you love cooking, canning vegetables, or home wine making?  We can plan an herb and vegetable garden, plant fruit trees, or transition your property to meet any of your changing preferences.

Comprehensive Estate Management is what we do. We understand the hassles of finding and managing multiple contractors necessary for regular maintenance and improvements. Our Estate Care Division is an all–inclusive program allowing you to simplify, by having just one competent company do everything. Protect the investment you have and ensure the increased value that comes with a mature garden filled with healthy, beautiful specimens.


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